Max Folder Secure

Max Folder Secure

Max Folder Secure hides and locks files and folders

Max Folder Secure is a security tool for locking and hiding files and folders with a password. This program is suitable for home or business users with lots of files and folders that need to be protected because they contain private or confidential information.

This program will help keep your files from getting infected by viruses, or from getting accidentally or deliberately damaged. Max Folder Secure can render files either invisible, inaccessible, or read-only to other users, but still instantly accessible to you.

When files or folders are protected, they cannot be accessed, moved, copied, deleted, modified, renamed, or even seen on the computer by other users.

The program leaves intact the file structure of the data, does not move protected data, and does not change any Windows system files. With Max Folder Secure, you can hide data from other users of your computer, from local network users, and Internet users.